Who We Are

Industry City Alberta Corp. is part of a group of industrial companies based in Canada and led by an executive team with over 100 years of both national and international expe­rience in acquisition, finance, development, and operation of large-scale industrial projects.

We select, design, develop, and manage each project in our portfolio of assets based on viability, profitability, and sustainability.

Our focused is on acquiring and developing industrial business assets in Western Canada that can be configured and expanded to provide an integrated infrastructure of assets from coast-to-coast.

The most recent successes within the groups’ portfolio is the development of an abandoned brownfield site in Edmonton, Alberta. The 600 acre site was left abandoned and was classified as a contaminated, underutilized commercial or industrial property, otherwise known as a Brownfield.

As the new owners, the group redeveloped the site into an ecologically managed, environmentally sustainable mixed-use industrial park now known as the “Eco Industrial Business Park Inc.”.

Various uses for the park include oil and gas related processes, petrochemical manufacturing and transloading facilities (storage, unloading and loading of products onto trucks and trains for transportation) and much more.

Proven Track Record in Developing Industrial Sites

Total of over 100

years of national and international experience in: